You Lend $10 to a Friend Who Buys Powerball Tickets and Hits the Jackpot. How Much Do They Owe You?

Tonight’s Powerball is up over $1 billion again.  Here’s a scenario you’ll never deal with, but it’s fun to think about . . .

A friend asks if they can borrow $10.  You hand them a ten . . . they use it to buy Powerball tickets . . . and they hit the JACKPOT.  How much do they owe you?

Someone asked, and people voted.  Here are the four options . . .

1.  Just the original $10 you loaned them.

2.  Half of the winnings.

3.  All the winnings

4.  Nothing.

The top vote-getter was just the original $10.  It got 72% of the vote.  If they want to give you more, great . . . and maybe they should.  But they’re not obligated to.

Half of the winnings is next with 15%, then nothing at 12%.  (Keep your $10, jerk!)  2% think they should give you the full $1 billion.

If the roles were reversed, 64% say they’d only feel obligated to pay back the original $10 . . . 27% claim they’d split the winnings . . . and 9% say, “Screw ’em!  I know I’m a billionaire, but they’re not getting that 10 bucks back.”  (???)