Good News: Tarot Cards, Teddy Bears, and Garbage Cats

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A tarot card reader in Michigan told a woman she’d come into some money “very soon.”  The lady went home, scratched a lottery ticket she bought earlier that day, and won $500,000.

2.  A cat in England named Tofu won’t stop bringing trash into his owner’s house through the cat door, but they think it’s funny.  They tell people he’s out there cleaning up the neighborhood.

3.  April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and a teenager in Nashville launched a big teddy bear toy drive for it.  His name is Kenny Royer, and he’s 17.

He’s donating them to a non-profit called Davis House Child Advocacy Center that works with abused kids.  His goal is to make sure every child they help gets to take at least one stuffed animal home with them.

You can donate a new stuffed animal by mailing it to an address listed on their website.  Or you can donate money.  He’s already helped collect over 200 stuffed animals this month.