Good News: Fiery Car Crashes, World Records, Weird Proposals

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  If you haven’t seen this footage, it’s nuts.  A 71-year-old guy crashed his SUV on I-94 in Minnesota last Thursday.  His driver’s side doors were pinned shut by a guardrail, and his car caught FIRE.  But random people rushed in and saved him.

They couldn’t pry the doors open, but someone managed to smash out his window.  They got him out just in time, and no one was seriously hurt.  (Note:  The raw video has no audio.)

2.  A 35-year-old guy in England just proposed to his girlfriend while running the London Marathon with a fridge strapped to his back.  (???)  His name is Daniel Fairbrother.  He proposed at the 25-mile mark and finished in under 6 hours.

You might remember Dan from when cops stopped him during a training run a few months back, because they thought he was a burglar.  He did the fridge thing to raise money for diabetes research.

He’s been trying to break a world record for fastest marathon with an appliance strapped to your back.  It looks like he fell short of that this time, but a big congrats on the engagement!  (Here’s the video.  The record is 4 hours 52 minutes.)

3.  Another runner did break a world record though.  19-year-old Lloyd Martin also ran in the race, and became the youngest person with Down syndrome to complete a marathon.

4.  Speaking of England:  A couple named Jack Richardson and Bronwyn Tacey first met as babies in the hospital 30 years ago after they were both born premature.  Now they’re married and recently had a baby of their own!  Their daughter Sienna just turned one.  (Here’s a photo from last year.)