Good News: Fat Cats, Past Rivals, and the World’s Oldest Gorilla

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Two pool players named Russ Redhead and James Harris Jr. had beef a decade ago, and were big rivals.  But they eventually made up and became friends.  Now they’re even closer after Russ just gave James a kidney.

He’d been on dialysis for three years, but he’s doing great two months after the surgery.  James’s wife could barely hold back tears talking about what a huge gesture it was.

2.  A 30-pound cat in Indiana named “Thicken Nugget” is slimming down using an exercise regimen usually reserved for dogs.  A place called the Canine Aquatic Center is helping him swim his way thin.  In seven weeks, he’s lost five pounds.  They’re hoping he can drop another 10 and eventually lose half his bodyweight.

3.  The world’s oldest gorilla just celebrated another birthday.  Her name is Fatou.  (Fah-TOO)  She was born in 1957 and lives at the Berlin Zoo.  She celebrated her 67th birthday on Friday.