Good News: An Eagle-Eye Spots a Ring on a Beach . . . and a Cat Was Rescued, and Is Now a Target Model

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Sometimes an “eagle eye” can see a needle in a haystack.

A couple was digging up a fishing net that was caught in the sand on a Texas beach . . . and as they were flinging sand and shells out of the way, they spotted a DIAMOND RING.

The ring had been lost a month earlier by another couple.  They had tasked a group of local metal detectors to look for it . . . and they were also on the beach at the time . . . so they helped connect the ring with its owner.

Even crazier:  Before the ring was unearthed, it was apparently buried too deep for the metal detectors to have found it.  (Here’s a post about it.)

2.  Two years ago, 47 cats were rescued, after being found crammed into a hot car at a rest stop in Minnesota.  The cats were piled from floor to ceiling, and their owner had been living in the car with them.

The owner agreed to surrender the cats to animal shelters.  And now, one of those cats is a model in an ad campaign for Target.  (Here’s a news report.  The cat appears on packages of cat litter.)

3.  A hospital in Spain is bringing DOGS into the ICU.  They’re therapy dogs . . . and they’re being brought in to help comfort patients.  It’s optional . . . patients in the program receive two visits each week of 15 to 20 minutes each.

4.  A Michigan man claims he won a $500,000 lottery, after a celebrity doppelganger inspired him to buy a ticket.

He was watching a movie, where the star who looks like him wins big in the lottery.  He took that as a sign, so he bought a ticket . . . and won half a mil.  The man is anonymous, and it’s unclear who his doppelganger is.