Good News: Girl Scouts, Mouse Houses, and Drug-Sniffing Dogs

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A Girl Scout troop near Nashville raised a bunch of money selling cookies this year, and used it to help people find their lost pets.  They installed microchip scanners at their local library and a nearby animal shelter.  So now anyone who finds a lost dog or cat can bring them in and scan them.

2.  In other animal news:  A drug-sniffing dog in Taiwan named Roger got fired a few years ago for being “too friendly.”  But he found a new gig as a search-and-rescue dog, and he’s really good at it.

He’s been part of seven big search-and-rescue missions in the past four years, including one for survivors of the big 7.4 earthquake that hit Taiwan this month.  He’s eight now, so he’s getting close to retirement.  They plan to let him relax and live out the rest of his days in comfort once he turns nine.

3.  A 50-year-old wildlife photographer named Simon Dell lives in the U.K., and he’s in the news for the tiny village for mice he’s been building(???)

He was feeling depressed a while back, and started working on a Hobbit-style village for them.  You can check out his videos on YouTube.  He recently added a pub, a bookshop, and some tiny Hobbit homes.  (Here’s a photo.)