What Your Dreams Mean

What did you dream about last night? Did it stress you out? Men’s Health has decoded the top 10 most common dreams and what they mean.

• You’re late! What it means: There’s obviously a deadline in your life you’re trying to meet. What to do about it: Ask yourself if you’re being proactive or reactive. Come up with a plan and get it done.

• Finding an unused room. What it means: An unused room represents an aspect of your personality. What to do about it: Open yourself up to different opportunities you would otherwise be hesitant to explore.

• Out of control vehicle. What it means: The “vehicle” in your dream is movement toward a goal or destination. An out of control “vehicle” means your life is probably out of control, too. What to do about it: Evaluate what areas of your “out of control” life you can take charge of and approach those details. Stop fighting the ones you can’t control

• Falling. What it means: It represents a failure in your life or realization you don’t have control over the situation. What to do about it:  You’re tense, so relax. Find out exactly what is stressing you out and work toward solving it. Then find something you enjoy doing.

• Flying. What it means: You’ve accomplished a goal and feel free of limitations. What to do: Make a move, while you feel confident, to solve other problems in your life.

• Unprepared for an exam. What it means: You’re in fear of messing things up, even things you’re well prepared for. What to do about it: Perfectionists are more likely to suffer from depression, so give yourself a break. Learn to to separate happiness and success,, and start making happiness your goal.

• Naked in public. What it means: You’re feeling out of place and vulnerable. Maybe it’s a new job or relationship. If the dream takes place in a cafeteria, it could mean social anxiety that dates back to your school days. What to do about it: Share your insecurities. You might even find solutions to your problems.

• Unable to find a toilet. What it means: You have something to purge in real life, like a relationship or job, and you fear how messy it will get. What to do about it: Say “no” from time to time and stop letting people dump all their problems on you. Look out for Number One for a change.

• Teeth falling out. What it means: Teeth mean power and confidence. Your self-assurance has taken a hit. What to do about it: Fake it and mimic confidence. Studies show that even faking confidence leads to the real thing. Also, dress to impress and you’ll feel good about yourself.

• Being chased. What it means: You’re having trouble getting over a past issue — like a relationship squabble or a business opportunity. What to do about it: Find out what issues you’re avoiding in real life. Address them head on and you’ll eventually move past them.