Good News: Little Sisters, Long Necks, and Stray Dogs

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A chiropractor in Oklahoma is in the news because he specializes in working with animals.  He’s done adjustments on everything from dogs to chickens.  Now a video of him cracking a giraffe’s neck is trending on Instagram.

2.  A little girl in the U.K. saved her big sister’s life by donating bone marrow to help her beat blood cancer.  Their parents joked she’ll get to lord it over her big sister’s head the rest of their lives.

3.  A firefighter in Buffalo, New York named Anthony Pulvio helped a puppy that got hit by a car last month.  She didn’t have a collar or any I.D., but he got her to a vet and she’ll be okay.  And now she’s also got a forever home.  Anthony adopted her.