Good News: Storm Chasers, Free Food, and Generous Kids

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1. A storm chaser saved a family of four live on YouTube last Thursday after a tornado destroyed their house near Abilene, Texas. He yelled for them to jump in his car and also saved their dog.

Their son got thrown 25 feet and was pretty banged up, but they’re all okay and out of the hospital. (Here’s the video. He spots them at :33.)

2. A new Popeyes location opened in England, and the first three customers got free food for a year. So some guy who’s remaining anonymous camped out for 17 hours, just so he could win and give the food to his local homeless shelter. He said he plans to eat it himself “here and there,” but they’re getting most of it.

3. A guy in Louisiana named Matt Busbice got woken up by a fire alarm at his condo, and it was a false alarm. But he was up, so he went to go get coffee and was looking disheveled when he ran into a nine-year-old kid named Kelvin Ellis Jr.

Kelvin saw him and thought he was homeless, so he walked up and tried to give Matt a dollar, which was all the money he had. Matt owns a sporting goods store in Baton Rouge and decided to thank Kelvin by giving him a 40-second SHOPPING SPREE. He got a bunch of cool stuff, including a brand-new bike.