Good News: Dog Tags, Shattered Glass, and Renewable Energy

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A Vietnam vet in South Carolina named Larry Morganti just got one of his dog tags back nearly 60 years after he lost them in a rocket attack.

Some guy with a metal detector found it and spent two years tracking him down.  He mailed it to Larry last month, along with a letter thanking him for his service.  (Here’s a photo.)

2.  An artist in Montana is in the news because she saw lots of broken glass while she was out hiking.  So she and her husband started picking it up to keep people from cutting their feet.  Now she’s making art with it.

She smooths it in a rock tumbler and arranges it into different designs.  You can check out her work at

3.  A new report found clean energy is surging.  More than 30% of all the electricity in the world came from renewable sources like wind and solar last year.