Good News: Old Graduates, New Trucks, and Generous Sisters

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A 100-year-old veteran in Maryland just got his college diploma.  He’s a former pilot named Jack Milton who served in World War Two, Korea, and Vietnam.

He had enough credits to graduate from the University of Maryland in the mid-1960s before he left for Vietnam.  But he never did.  The school surprised him with a diploma for his 100th birthday last week.  (Here’s a photo.)

2.  How’s this for beginner’s luck?  A woman in Virginia named Katelynne Berland bought her first ever lottery ticket last month and won $50,000.  And how’s this for generous?  She’s using it to pay off her sister’s college tuition.  (Here’s a photo.)

3.  Back in December, a family in Arkansas won a new truck in their church’s annual fundraiser . . . a GMC Sierra 1500.  But instead of keeping it, they decided to give it to someone who needed it more.

They asked teachers and school counselors in their area to nominate deserving kids who needed a new ride.  And they surprised the winner last week.

He’s a high school senior who’s planning to become a welder.  His English teacher nominated him and said he’s as “kind as can be.”  He showed up at school on Thursday and had no idea he’d be leaving with a truck.  (Here’s a photo.)