Good News: Fast Kids, Valuable Dreams, and Free Burritos

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Chipotle is giving out free burritos to 100,000 healthcare workers for National Nurses Week.  Just go to next Monday and enter for a chance to win.

2.  A North Carolina man’s sister told him she had a dream he found a bunch of gold.  So he bought a lottery ticket and won $837,000.

3.  A nine-year-old kid in Oklahoma named Branson Baker saved his parents over the weekend after a tornado tossed their truck into some trees.  He was okay, but they were both seriously hurt.  (Here’s the truck.)

They suffered breaks to their back, neck, ribs, and various other bones.  But they’re alive and recovering after he sprinted a full mile in the dark to get help.

They were close to home, so he said, “Don’t die.  I will be back.”  Then he ran to a neighbor’s house, and they got them to a hospital.  Their family expects them to make a full recovery.  (Here’s an interview with Branson’s uncle.)

People are donating on GoFundMe to help out, and Branson’s Little League team also held a fundraiser during a game on Monday.  He ended up hitting a home run in that game.  (Here’s a photo of Branson.)