The Top Wedding Season Question We’re Googling Is “What Knee Do You Propose On?”

Google Trends just posted a bunch of stats on what we’ve been googling for wedding season.  And the #1 question is interesting, because you might not know there’s an actual answer to this . . .

The top-trending proposal question in the past month is, “What KNEE do you propose on?”

It’s the type of thing women might know, but guys would have to google.  So what’s the answer?  Traditionally, you’re supposed to be on your LEFT KNEE.

It’s not totally clear why, but maybe because you’re better set up to present the ring to her LEFT hand.  Yes . . . it goes on her left hand, guys.

You’re also supposed to hold the box with your left hand, and open it with your right.  If you don’t get all of this exactly correct . . . your proposal will be REJECTED!  Or more likely, they won’t notice because it’s such a big moment.

Here are a few more wedding season things we’ve been asking about . . .

1.  The top-trending wedding gift we’re googling is “Dutch oven”.  (It’s also a prank you should probably wait to deploy until AFTER you’re married.)

2.  The top wedding dress color we’re oddly obsessed with this year is . . . GREEN wedding dresses.

3.  49 of the 50 states are googling “bachelorette party” more than “bachelor party.”  Wyoming is the only outlier.

4.  The top places we’re looking to elope in are Maui and Ireland.

5.  The top wedding vows we’re googling are “CRUDE wedding vows.”  So you might be at some R-rated weddings this year.  “Traditional Christian vows” and “STAR WARS vows” also made the top five.

6.  The top question about “getting married” is, “How long do you have to change your name?”  The answer is, there’s no real deadline for that.

(#2 on that last list is, “What to do AFTER getting married?”  The answer to that one is consummate it . . . then gradually start to resent one another for stealing each other’s dreams while you grow old and die.  You’re welcome!)

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