Have You Ever Had a Job That Paid You . . . to Do (Virtually) Nothing?

Everyone has heard someone complain about being UNDERPAID.  But people online are talking about the CUSHY-EST jobs they’ve had.  The ones that pay you for basically doing NOTHING.

Most of the stories involve one of FOUR types of jobs:

1.  Jobs where you LITERALLY do nothing.

For example, someone has a part-time gig at a university where they just wait around to see if anyone needs help conducting a Zoom call . . . and no one has asked for help in 18 months.  They still get paid.

2.  Jobs where you do nothing MOST of the time, but you DO have a responsibility.

Someone said they get paid $150,000 to do graphics for a video game studio . . . but there are long stretches of down time where they’re not needed, and in those times, they don’t do anything.

3.  There are the jobs where workers are SUPPOSED to do stuff, but they get away with doing nothing.

A lot of people talked about being overnight security guards, and they just end up watching a lot of Netflix.

Someone else talked about “babysitting” automated machines at a production facility, but spending pretty much the whole day playing video games.

(Maybe they ARE just hired and trained to be there IN THE EVENT something happens . . . but chances are, they’re supposed to be actively monitoring and paying attention.)

4.  And some people talked about jobs that are so loose that they’re able to STACK them . . . and get paid two (or three) times over for the same time.

One person said, “My friend was a bread-shelfing person.  It got to be so easy, they grabbed a second route, then a third.  Each route was 40 hours, and you were supposed to check the stores two or three times a day.

“But they just didn’t.  They gave each shift manager a business card to call if the bread needed to be re-stocked.  So they worked about 18 hours a week . . . but got paid for 120.”