Good News: Kind Cops, Heroic Dogs, and a Message in a Bottle

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Two cops in Titusville, Florida showed up with a woman’s groceries after arresting her delivery driver.  They wanted to get them to her right away, so nothing spoiled.  The driver was wanted on felony charges in Florida and Texas.

2.  A dog named “Hero” lived up to his name last week in Canada.  His 61-year-old owner was injured and stuck lying in a muddy ditch for two days.  But Hero stayed with him the whole time, kept him warm, and fought off coyotes.

He also ATTACKED a random guy and his dog while they were walking by.  But the guy says all’s forgiven.  In those circumstances, he gets why Hero was being so protective.  It’s also the reason his owner was found.

3.  A guy in Australia found a message in a bottle with ashes inside.  The note said, “In this bottle is a small part of our parents.  If you find [it] washed up somewhere, please feel free to set it off once again on its journey.”

He tracked the family down and found out the bottle had only made it seven miles from where they tossed in the ocean.  So he stepped up to give it a real chance . . . sailed it out to sea . . . and set it in a current to carry it out into the Pacific Ocean.