The 10 Most Nostalgic Snacks of All Time

What’s a favorite snack from your childhood that you wish you could still get in 2024?  Someone looked at Google search data to find the top snacks we’re nostalgic for.  Here are the 10 most nostalgic snacks of all time . . .

1.  Dunkaroos.  They’re one you CAN still get.  They got discontinued in 2012, but General Mills brought them back in 2020.

2.  Oreo Cakesters.  Like Oreos, but softer.  Basically a whoopie pie.  You can still get those too.  Nabisco brought them back in 2022.

3.  Bagel Bites.  They never went away . . . except in Canada.  Our friends up north haven’t been able to get them the past two years.

4.  Tab.  It came out in 1963 and was one of the first diet sodas on the market.  It got discontinued three years ago.

5.  Fruitopia.  It was a line of fruit-flavored drinks Coca-Cola put out in 1994.  They stopped selling them in 2003.

6.  Crystal Pepsi.  It debuted in 1992 and bombed, but it’s still got some die-hard fans.  They brought it back for a limited time in 2016, 2018, and for the 30th anniversary in 2022.

7.  Kudos granola bars.  Discontinued in 2017.  They were basically candy bars masquerading as a healthy snack.

8.  Orbitz drinks.  Flavored water with little edible balls floating in it.  They came out in 1996, immediately flopped, and were gone by 1998.

9.  Waffle Crisp cereal.  It came out in 1996 and got discontinued in 2018.  But Post brought it back in 2021.

10.  Rice Krispies Treats Cereal.  They came out in the ’90s but got pulled from shelves at some point.  Someone launched a petition on in 2019 to bring them back.  Around 30,000 people have signed it.

(Fox News)

(The list came out last year, but it’s in the news after Fox News just ran it.)