Young Adults Only Understand About 44% of the Tax Filing Process

Tax season is around the corner . . . meaning that an imaginary groundhog can come out, and tell us whether we are actually going to file on-time this year, or if we’ll get an extension for six more months of procrastination.  (???)

According to a survey of 18- to 26-year-olds, the average young American estimates that they only understand about 44% of the tax filing process.

We can blame the schools for not preparing kids for real-world necessities, or we can blame the U.S. government, for making this the STUPIDEST process.

Here are some other stats from the survey:

56% of young adults admit they’re intimidated by the tax filing process.

28% aren’t looking forward to it at all.

29% are “very much” looking forward to filing their taxes.  (???)

38% wish they could use the time they spend doing their taxes to be with loved ones or watching TV instead . . . and 31% would rather clean their home.