Good News: Hot Dogs, Tree Huggers, and Rookie Cops

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Hot dogs saved a guy’s life in Omaha, Nebraska on Friday.  A tornado destroyed his house, but he was out buying hot dogs at a gas station when it happened.

He was in surprisingly good spirits when he talked to a reporter about it.  He said he was just happy everyone in his neighborhood survived.  Quote, “Stuff can be replaced, but family is everything.”

2.  24 years ago, a cop in Indiana named Gene Eyster saved a baby boy after someone abandoned him in a cardboard box.  Now they’re in the news after Gene found out the kid grew up to become a cop himself.  24-year-old Matthew Hegedus-Stewart is a rookie with the same police department Gene worked for.

3.  Friday was Arbor Day, and a student at Auburn University set a new world record by hugging 1,123 trees in an hour.  He’s currently getting his master’s degree in forestry.