Good News: Prom Dresses, Seatbelts, and Recycled Diapers

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A Girl Scout in Pennsylvania named Chloe Brit organized a prom dress giveaway on Sunday and collected over 150 dresses, plus shoes.  She’s only in fifth grade but decided to do it after she found out a girl she knew couldn’t afford a dress.  A seamstress volunteered and did free alterations.

2.  People on Reddit are praising a teenager who refused to drive his friends somewhere until they all put on their seatbelts.  He posted the story on the subreddit, “Am I the [A-Hole]”.  He asked if he did the right thing and got a resounding YES.

3.  “Horizontally recycled” diapers are now a thing.  That means old diapers get turned into new diapers you can use again.  They separate the materials and sterilize them, obviously.  And it’s a lot better for the environment.

A company in Japan just became the first in the world to start doing it.  Their new recycled diapers hit store shelves in Japan this past Saturday.