You Can Buy a Five-Foot Inflatable Holiday Decoration . . . of a Box of Franzia?

If you have good taste in wine, you’d probably blow a lot of money on a single bottle.  If you don’t, you buy a box of Franzia, and then save your money this . . .

Franzia is selling holiday merchandise, including two inflatable lawn decorations shaped like oversized boxes of Franzia.  Each one stands about five feet tall . . . and will set you back $50.

They also light up, so you can advertise your love of Franzia to the whole neighborhood.  There two options are:  Cabernet Sauvignon or Sunset Blush.  To be clear, they DON’T actually contain wine.  (Hey, someone was thinkin’ it.)

Their other merch includes:  “Ugly” sweaters . . . a holiday onesie . . . socks . . . scarves . . . a flannel robe . . . and wrapping paper.

(Food & Wine)