Will Any of These Hacks Make Your Valentine’s Day Flowers Last Longer?

Are the flowers you got for Valentine’s Day already wilting?  Some guy on TikTok tested a bunch of hacks to see if adding different things to the water really makes flowers last longer.

He tried nine different things and put a single rose in each vase.  He added pennies . . . bleach with sugar . . . Red Bull . . . unpopped popcorn . . . 7-Up . . . a double-A battery . . . denture tablets . . . aspirin . . . and regular old flower food.  That’s the stuff you sometimes get with a bouquet.

So did any of them actually work?  For more than one, the answer was YES.

The hacks that did the worst were bleach, aspirin, and 7-Up.  Red Bull didn’t seem to make a huge difference either.

The denture tabs, popcorn, and battery DID seem to help.  The roses still looked pretty okay a week later.

But these last two seemed to make the biggest difference.  If you want your flowers to last longer, add PENNIES or regular old FLOWER FOOD.