Where in the World Are Men Most Likely to Pee . . . Sitting Down?

There are a lot of important questions facing us today, and it’s impossible to deal with them all at once.  So first things first:  Where in the world are men most likely to SIT DOWN to pee?  (???)

There’s a comprehensive survey out on men’s bathroom habits that spans 13 countries.  And it found that the place where men are most likely to SIT DOWN on the toilet to relieve themselves is . . . GERMANY.  (This is specifically when men ONLY have to pee.)

40% of German men say they sit down every time . . . and another 22% say they sit “most times.”  Only 10% of German men say they “never” sit down to pee.

It’s so common that they even have a TERM for it.  A man who sits down is a “sitzpinkler” . . . although it’s got a negative connotation.

That said, it isn’t always a choice.  It’s REQUIRED in some public restrooms.  You’ll see signs in Germany asking men to sit down on the toilet.

The other countries with a lot of male toilet sitters are Sweden . . . Denmark . . . Canada . . . and Australia.

The place where men are the LEAST likely to sit to pee is Mexico.  Only 6% of men there sit every time . . . and 36% say they NEVER do.

The U.S. is kind of in the middle, at 9th out of the 13 countries.

In America, 10% of men say they sit every time . . . another 13% say they sit “most times” . . . another 23% will “sometimes” . . . and 17% say they will, but rarely.  31% of American men say they never sit just to pee.

In most countries, it’s more common for OLDER MEN over 55 to take a seat.  In Germany, 49% of older men sit, compared to just 28% of 18- to 34-year-olds.

But in four countries, ALWAYS sitting is more common among the younger generations.  They are:  Italy . . . Britain . . . Australia . . . and the U.S.

In America, 11% of 18- to 34-year-old men say they ALWAYS sit, compared to just 8% of men 55 and older.