What’s the Worst Purchase You’ve Ever Made?

Bought anything for Amazon Prime Day you’re excited about?  Or anything you already REGRET buying?  Someone asked people to name the WORST purchase they’ve ever made in their life.  Here are some highlights . . .

1.  A $250 Zune MP3 player instead of an iPod.  Zunes got discontinued in 2012.

2.  A guy paid $20 to sign up for unlimited rentals at his local Blockbuster . . . then it shut down within a month.

3.  You know those “Shape Up” shoes with rounded bottoms that are supposed to work out your legs?  Someone paid $100 for a pair . . . immediately sprained their ankle . . . and never wore them again.

4.  A woman bought expensive crystal wine glasses when she turned 21 . . . then realized drunk people in their 20s tend to knock a lot of stuff over.

5.  Someone paid a website $10 for secrets on how to become a millionaire.  They ended up getting a PDF with instructions on how to build a website . . . and charge people $10 for secrets on how to become a millionaire.