What’s the Weirdest Thing You Remember from the Start of the Pandemic?

Looking back three years later, what’s the weirdest thing you remember about the start of the pandemic?  Someone asked Reddit . . .

1.  Hoarding toilet paper.  And empty store shelves in general.

2.  The sourdough starter trend, where everyone was baking bread.

3.  How suddenly overnight, everyone had seen “Tiger King”.

4.  When Gal Gadot got all those celebrities to sing “Imagine”, and it was awful.

5.  The Zoom parties for birthdays and graduations.  They were nonstop.

6.  How afraid we all were of sneezing, or even just clearing our throat in public.

7.  When restaurants started selling groceries.

8.  Learning to recognize people when you could only see the top of their face.

9.  The photo of a priest baptizing a kid from six feet away with a water gun.

10.  How every ad used the same formula:  Somber piano music . . . shots of essential workers . . . and lines like, “We’re together, even when we’re apart.”

(BuzzFeed / Reddit)