What Your Taste In Movies Say About Your Personality

In an intriguing exploration for DailyMail.com, the connection between our favorite movie genres and our personalities is dissected through the lens of scientific research.

… Horror Fans: Outgoing and Empathetic: Horror enthusiasts are likely to be extroverted, seeking action and excitement. They exhibit heightened alertness and resilience, challenging the stereotype of lacking empathy. Horror films provide a simulation of fear, helping fans practice coping mechanisms and potentially enhancing resilience, particularly noted during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

… Rom-Com Enthusiasts: Believers in True Love: Fans of romantic comedies tend to hold strong beliefs in true love and are often happier in their relationships. Studies suggest that watching rom-coms together can bolster relationship satisfaction and even reduce divorce rates, offering an accessible alternative to couples’ therapy.

… Sci-Fi and Fantasy Fans: Creative and Open to Experience: While a controversial study labeled these fans as narcissistic, other perspectives argue that science fiction and fantasy often address real-world issues, fostering creativity and open-mindedness. Fans of these genres are likely to be imaginative and enthusiastic about exploring new ideas.

… Comedy Lovers: Energetic and Creative: Individuals who prefer comedies exhibit hyperthymic traits, characterized by high energy and enthusiasm. They are also more open to new experiences and possess a creative bent, benefiting from the stress-reducing effects of laughter and humor.