Wedding Regrets: One in Five People Get Cold Feet

We’re coming into wedding season.  Going to any weddings this year?  Well, there’s a one-in-five chance the bride or groom will at least think about wasting everyone’s time.

Someone polled 2,000 Americans who got married in the past three years, and 20% admit they got cold feet.  That’s how many thought about calling the whole thing off last-minute.

All of those people did ultimately get married . . . and hopefully don’t regret it.  But there are plenty of things we DO regret about our wedding.  Here are the most common regrets couples said they have . . .

1.  Scheduling.  Everything felt too rushed.

2.  The guest list.  A.k.a., you invited too many people.  (Lookin’ at you, friend from college who puked on my niece.)

3.  The vendors.  Like maybe the photographer sucked.

4.  The total cost of everything.  You’d think that would be higher.

5.  The weather.  Maybe a Florida beach wedding in hurricane season WASN’T a great idea?

6.  The way you looked.  Like, your make-up didn’t turn out right.

7.  The location.  You just didn’t love the venue, or you regret making it a destination wedding.

8.  The planning.  You feel like you didn’t plan enough.  Or you wish you’d splurged on a wedding planner instead of doing it yourself.  60% said they spent over four months planning.  17% said over a year.

13% of couples in the survey said their biggest wedding regret was something else that wasn’t on the list.  (USA Today)