We Should All Be Doodling

Researchers say doodling is more than just a simple pastime; it’s a cognitive tool that offers numerous benefits for the brain:

… Memory Enhancement: Doodling helps improve memory recall. Studies have shown that doodlers can remember 29 percent more information than non-doodlers during mundane tasks by keeping the brain engaged.

… Stress Relief: It activates a relaxation response, reducing the stress hormone cortisol.

… Concentration and Focus: Far from being a distraction, doodling aids concentration by providing the right amount of stimulation to maintain focus during repetitive or boring tasks.

… Encourages Mindfulness: Doodling helps focus the mind on the present, enhancing mindfulness and opening the door to new insights.

… Inspires Creativity: It facilitates access to the brain’s creative right hemisphere, promoting spontaneous and innovative thoughts.

… Mood Regulation: Doodling can stimulate the brain’s reward pathways, helping to uplift mood and even counteract addictive behaviors.

… Creativity and Authenticity: As a mode of self-expression, doodling offers a glimpse into the doodler’s personality and mood, providing a non-performative outlet for authentic expression.