We Do Only 12 Good Deeds A Month

The average adult does just 12 good deeds a month. And we do a third of them because we hope we’ll get something in return. The most common good deeds:

• Hold a door open for someone.

• Take in a neighbor’s package.

• Ask a loved one about their day. This is a good deed?

• Let someone have your seat on the train / bus / park bench.

• Give someone a ride.

• Let another driver go in front of you.

• Help someone carry their bags.

• Check on someone who seems upset, to find out why.

• Donate to charity.

• Make a colleague a cup of coffee or tea.

• Bought someone a gift for no particular reason.

• Say sorry for something even if it wasn’t your fault.

• Babysit for a friend or family member.

• Taught an older person how to use some technology.