Valentine’s Day Fall-Out: 10% of People Have Been in Love with Lots of People, 4% Have Never Been in Love

Now that Valentine’s Day is OVER, and all the “My Valentine” social media posts are slipping off your feed . . . let’s be honest:  Have you ever had TWO VALENTINES at once?

A new poll asked people if they’ve ever been “in love” with MORE than one person at the same time.  (They didn’t specify how many people you were simultaneously in love with, but let’s say most people were thinking TWO.)

27% of people said they have . . . 64% of people said they haven’t . . . and 9% conveniently couldn’t recall.

The people who said YES were more likely to be YOUNGER adults . . . and MALE.  31% of men said they have, compared to just 23% of women.

Another poll asked how many people you’ve been “in love” with in your lifetime.

The most common answer was two.  24% of people said that.  19% said three, and 17% said ONE.  (Which is SOOOOO romantic.)

10% of people admitted they’ve been in love “more than five times,” which was the max.  And 4% claimed they’ve NEVER been in love.  Men were slightly more likely to say they’ve been in love more than five times, but it was close:  11% of men, versus 9% of women.

Here are two other bits of post-Valentine’s Day news:

1.  Not surprisingly, major retailers are saying that the MAJORITY of Valentine’s Day sales happened ON Valentine’s Day or the day before.

The headline is about people waiting until the last minute, but for fresher items . . . like flowers and sweets . . . you probably don’t want to get them too early.

2.  Another survey asked people how they feel about their Valentine’s Day spending . . . after the fact.  Most people, about 64%, said they didn’t get carried away and stayed on budget.

13% said they overspent, but it was worth it . . . 11% said they wished they’d spent or done more . . . and 6% said it was “more trouble than it was worth.”