Two Back-to-Back Nights of Bad Sleep Makes You Feel Four Years Older

Would you say you feel older than your age, younger, or pretty much spot on?  How you answer might have to do with how much SLEEP you’ve gotten this week.

A study found two back-to-back nights of bad sleep can make us feel FOUR YEARS older than we really are.  Maybe even more than that.

They looked at the sleep patterns of over 400 people, and asked each person how old they felt.  Then they had a second group get nine hours of sleep for two nights in a row, followed by just four hours for another two nights.

The average person felt 4.4 years older than their age after two back-to-back nights of bad sleep.  The people it hit hardest said TEN years older.

So if you’re 40, two nights in a row could make you feel like you’re 50.  But the good news is, there’s also a way to feel 35 again.

When people got enough sleep every night for a full month, they felt an average of five years YOUNGER than they really were.

(The Guardian / New Scientist)