Time to Spring Clean? Four Ways Clutter Can Affect Your Health

You probably didn’t know this, but today is Get Organized Day!  If you need more motivation than that, here are four ways clutter can affect your health . . .

1.  It affects your sleep.  Studies have found that found the quality of your sleep is worse when your bedroom is a mess.

2.  It makes your allergies worse.  If your place is unorganized and cluttered, then you’re probably not dusting regularly.  And a lot of people who think they’re allergic to pollen actually just need to clean and dust more.

3.  It makes it harder to focus.  When there’s too much stuff lying around, your brain can’t decide what to focus on because there’s too much visual stimuli.  So it makes it harder for you to focus on ANYTHING.

4.  It can mess with your mental health.  According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, hoarding and holding onto possessions well beyond their intended use can have severe emotional, physical, social, and financial effects.

(National Today / Sonima)