Good News: Old Birds, Young Bears, and Well-Traveled Teachers

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A second-grade teacher from California recently went to Syria, and completed her goal of visiting every country on Earth . . . all 193 recognized by the U.N.  Only around 400 people have done it.  Around 600 people have been to space, so it’s even rarer than that.

2.  The world’s oldest known bird in the wild is back to hookin’ up again.  She’s an albatross named Wisdom, estimated to be 72 years old.

The bird she’d been shacking up with hasn’t been seen in a few years, but she’s obviously moved on.  She was just spotted hanging out with a hot young stud on an island in the North Pacific.  (Here’s a photo.  That’s her on the right.)

3.  And in other animal news:  A woman in Connecticut was filming a mama bear crossing a bridge when its cub fell off and into a river.  But the mom ran down, jumped in, and pulled it out.  Then the cub fell back into the water, and she saved it a second time.  (Here’s the raw video.  It falls at :33.)