TikTok’s New Acne Cure Is to Smear Your Face with Beef Fat

If you’re looking for a new fragrance to wear out on the town . . . to work . . . or just to pick up the kids from school, you wouldn’t ordinarily think of spraying yourself down with GIN.  But now, you can.

A company called Tamworth Distilling has just unveiled a new product called “Sylvan Mist,” which is “the world’s first wearable perfume gin.”

It’s described as a woodsy, unisex scent . . . combining “violet leaf, chamomile flowers, juniper, balsam fir, citrus, and boronia flowers,” and it smells like “boreal forest, fresh-cut grass, kiwi skin, and honeydew melon.”

Even better:  It was created to be drinkable . . . meaning that you can be making yourself a cocktail, and alternate spritzing your cocktail AND your neck.  (???)

It’s a potent 151-proof . . . but it’s not intended to be the base in a stiff perfume martini.  It’s supposed to be a garnish that you spray onto a drink.  They suggest spraying it on an Aviation, or the cocktail “Bee’s Knees.”

Sylvan Mist will be available for $80 a bottle starting May 9th at Seelbachs.com and TamworthDistilling.com.

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