TikTok Hack: Use Butter to Remove Sauce Stains from Tupperware

Has anyone tried this, and does it really work?  Some guy is blowing up on TikTok for a hack that’s supposed to get stubborn spaghetti sauce stains out of Tupperware.

He talks about an old video that says to put dish soap, water, and torn-up paper towels in there.  Then shake.   But he claims there’s one more ingredient that makes a big difference.

Before you do all that, rub the inside of the Tupperware with BUTTER.  (???)  (Here’s the video.)

He claims it helps because the lycopene in tomato sauce is “hydrophobic,” meaning it repels water.  And the butter somehow helps by getting in between the lycopene particles and the plastic.

The Tupperware in his video does get pretty clean.  But we’re not totally sold on it, because the stick of butter he uses ends up with sauce on it.  So it might be a container he JUST used, not one with old stains.

Also, if you’ve ever tried to wash butter off your hands, you know it repels water too.  So would it really make a difference?

For what it’s worth, the makers of Dawn dish soap have a whole page on how to get rid of those stains, and they DO mention butter.  But their tip is different.

They say to rub it around the inside of your Tupperware BEFORE you put sauce in, because it acts like a barrier.

Here’s Dawn’s tip for removing sauce stains:  They say to wash Tupperware like you normally would, by hand or in a dishwasher.  Then set it next to a window, and let the SUN bleach those stains away.

(Mirror / Dawn)