Three Ways to Prevent Junk Mail

99% of the snail mail we get these days is JUNK mail.  And it seems unavoidable.  But there actually are a few things you can do to eliminate some of it.

Going with paperless billing is a good way to avoid bills you don’t really need to see.  But here are three more ways to cut down on actual junk mail . . .

1.  Opt out of coupon mailers.  You have to do them individually, but there are only three big ones . . . “Valpak”, “Save”, and “Money Mailer.”  If you go to their websites, you can request to have your address removed.

2.  Opt out of credit card and insurance offers.  Go to  If you give them your name and address, you can opt out for five years.  You can also opt out permanently.  You just have to jump through a few more hoops.

3.  Opt out of random marketing and promotional stuff. lets you pick the topics you are and AREN’T interested in, and tells the big marketing agencies to take you off certain lists.  They can help with junk emails too.  It costs $4 but removes you from lists for 10 years.