Three Easy Things We Should All Be Doing to Help the Planet

There are a ton of things we can and SHOULD do to help the planet, especially on Earth Day.  But what’s something so easy, we should literally ALL be doing it by now?

1.  Stop wasting leftovers.  It’ll save you money too.  Just make it a personal rule.  If you buy food, eat it.  It also takes a lot of water and resources to grow all those vegetables you buy and let rot.

2.  Stop overusing napkins.  Do you really need more than one to get through a meal?  Are you THAT bad at eating?  It also seems like no one uses cloth napkins at home anymore even though they’re more sustainable.

3.  Reusable grocery bags.  Stop telling the checkout person you “forgot” them at home again.  And don’t pretend you’ll really reuse all those plastic bags you’ve got balled up.  It’s not that hard to remember once it’s a habit.

It might seem like these little things won’t even make a dent.  But if we ALL do them, it might.  Or, it’s at least a good place to start.  Why NOT do them?

(Conservation / Greenily / Yale Ledger)