This Week in Science: UFOs, A.I. Friends, and Reversing Gray Hair

It’s time for “Nerd News,” covering the most important news for your brain.

Here’s a quick rundown of this week in science . . .

1.  The NASA satellite that fell back to earth ended up landing in the Sahara Desert Wednesday night, and no one was hurt.  There was a flash in the sky over Ukraine, so people thought it landed there.  But it looks like that was a meteor.

2.  In other space news:  Yesterday’s “Starship” launch was a big success for SpaceX, even though it exploded four minutes in.  And the Pentagon released some crazy new footage of a UFO filmed last year in the Middle East.

3.  In Moon news:  There was a hybrid solar eclipse over Australia yesterday.  And this week, people were shocked to find out Australians see the Moon upside down.  Really, everyone in the southern hemisphere does.

4.  In 4/20 news:  A study found weed even gives worms the munchies.

5.  In health news:  A team at NYU figured out what makes hair go gray, and say it might be reversible.  We also finally proved cranberry juice can prevent U.T.I.’s.  And a study may have gotten us one step closer to male birth control pills.

6.  And in A.I. news:  ChatGPT’s parent company is now working on putting it in robots.  So intelligent androids might be right around the corner.

And an A.I. expert predicted this week that in five to ten years, everyone will have A.I. friends, or even A.I. relationships like in the movie “Her”.  She says we’ll even be hanging with them using augmented reality glasses.