Things Only Jerks Do at Concerts

With the cost of ticket prices these days, you want to get the optimum experience for your money.  The last thing you want to deal with is some JERK ruining your night.  You also don’t want to be the jerk who ruins someone else’s.

With that in mind, here are 8 things that only JERKS do at concerts:

1.  Outperform the performer:  Nobody came to hear YOU sing, or watch you dance.  Reign it in . . . especially if someone politely asks you to.

2.  Shove your way through:  If you want to get the best spot, show up early.

3.  Insult the artist:  This includes throwing things, trying to get onstage, or even booing.  If you’re not having fun, or if something upsets you, just leave.  Don’t ruin it for other people who might actually be enjoying the show.

4.  Be on your phone:  Talking, texting, or recording the show instead of, you know, WATCHING IT WITH YOUR EYES.  It’s not just your fellow concertgoers who’ll be annoyed.  Artists don’t like it, either.  They want to CONNECT with you.

5.  Get too drunk:  This one’s pretty obvious.  Obnoxious drunks are no fun at concerts.

6.  Litter:  Don’t want your food or drink anymore?  Throw it in the proper receptacle . . . or hang onto it until you can.  Don’t just drop it or place it on the floor, because someone can slip on it.

7.  Disrespect families:  Try not to swear or engage in other non-kid-friendly activities in the vicinity of children.  This includes drinking, smoking, swearing, etc.

8.  Not look out for others:  Be aware of your surroundings.  Try not to block other people’s view.  If you see someone struggling, help them out.  Just generally be a decent human.

(Fodor’s Travel)