The Worst Colors to Wear on a First Date, According to Relationship Experts

If you’re going out on a first date, you probably shouldn’t wear your Cleveland Browns jersey.  Not because sports jerseys make you look immature, or because the Browns are pathetic . . . it’s because of the color.

There’s a new report out on the WORST colors to wear on a first date, according to relationship experts.  Here are the ones they say you should avoid:

1.  Brown . . . Brown can make you appear “unadventurous, conservative, and unwilling to take risks.”  It’s also associated with earthiness, and “can make you appear TOO casual or relaxed.”

The worst is a flat, darker shade of brown.  Lighter and richer hues can work.

2.  Gray . . . Gray makes you appear unapproachable.  It might come off as too “neutral or even indifferent . . . like you’re not particularly excited or enthusiastic.”

3.  Bright colors . . . You don’t want to go too bold.  Bright colors can make you appear “too flashy, or like you’re trying too hard.”  They can also be distracting.

4.  Yellow . . . Yellow is the color of friendship and caution . . . “two things you don’t want to subconsciously represent when trying to make a love connection.”

5.  Too much Black . . . Black is generally a GOOD choice, but don’t look TOO goth.  Wearing ALL black, “may make you come across as morbid.”

So what color SHOULD you wear?  They didn’t say . . . other than to encourage you to wear a color that “reflects your personality and makes you feel confident.”

(Best Life)