The Weirdest Things People Have Requested at Restaurants

Any waiters or waitresses out there got a story that can top these?  Someone on Reddit asked servers to name the weirdest request they’ve ever gotten from a customer.  Here are some highlights . . .

1.  A couple didn’t want their empty plates bussed yet.  The guy wanted to LICK them clean first.  Then he did.

2.  A guy asked for a tablecloth to wrap around his waist after SOILING himself.  The server said it happened 15 years ago, and he’s a regular who still comes in about once a week.

3.  A woman sent her grilled chicken salad back, because it was cold.  So they cooked more chicken, but she sent it back again . . . because the salad itself was still cold.  She wouldn’t eat it until they microwaved the lettuce.

4.  A guy said he couldn’t have anything that had been ground up.  He just didn’t like food that had been, quote, “made small at one point.”

5.  A server at Chili’s had two Chili’s super-fans ask her to do their gender reveal.

6.  A woman wanted bone-in wings, but asked if the chef could remove all the bones for her.

7.  A guy at a Japanese restaurant asked for low-sodium soy sauce . . . then poured it in his Pepsi.

8.  A guy ordered a B.L.T. with no bacon or tomato.  So just a lettuce sandwich.

9.  A guy ordered a salad and said, “No purple in it.”  He didn’t say a food.  Just no purple.

10.  Someone who worked at a seafood place said they waited on Flavor Flav, the rapper.  And all he ordered was a big plate of cucumbers.  (???)

Then someone in the comments said they waited on him too, and he ordered a well-done steak with ketchup . . . at an Italian place.

(BuzzFeed / Reddit)