The Top Word Each State Can’t Remember How to Spell

The Scripps National Spelling Bee is going on right now.  The finals are tomorrow.  But you probably won’t see any of THESE words pop up . . .

Google Trends revealed the top word each state can’t remember how to spell.  They came up with them by looking at searches for “How to spell [BLANK].”

A few of them ARE kinda tough.  For example:  “Shenanigans” in Michigan . . . “miscellaneous” in New Mexico . . . “embarrassed” in Kentucky . . . “kindergarten” in Minnesota . . . and “professional” in Wyoming.

But a lot of the others are words we SHOULD be able to spell.  We won’t list all 50, but here are the highlights . . .

1.  People in Kansas can’t remember how to spell “Tennessee”.  Other nine-letter words we struggle with include “beautiful,” “efficient,” and “etiquette.”

2.  Seven- and eight-letter words dominate the map.  North Carolina can’t spell “awesome” . . . Missouri can’t spell “February” . . . Iowa can’t spell “Thursday” . . . Arkansas and Illinois can’t spell “tomorrow” (which is also Thursday) . . .

Alabama can’t spell “daughter” . . . North Dakota can’t spell “science” . . . New York can’t spell “quarter” . . . Texas can’t spell “pyramid” . . . Idaho can’t spell “sentence” . . . and Nevada has a real problem with the word “problem.”

3.  16 states struggle with five- and six-letter words.  Delaware can’t spell the word “those” . . . Utah can’t spell “chose” . . . Tennessee can’t spell “sugar” . . . Georgia can’t spell “queen” . . . people in Pennsylvania can’t spell “people” . . . and “how to spell GEORGE” is the top-trending search in Arizona.  (???)

4.  And finally, two states struggle with four-letter words.  Colorado can’t remember how to spell “ally.”  And Mississippi keeps googling “how to spell gray.”  G-R-A-Y is more common here.  G-R-E-Y is how they do it in the U.K.

(Google Trends)