The Top Who, What, When, Where, and Why Questions We Googled in February

Google took another look at the top who, what, when, where, and why questions we googled last month.

Here’s a quick look back at what America was Googling in February . . .

1.  “Who the [Eff] Did I Marry?”  A TikTok series with that name blew up last month.  It’s a woman telling the story of how she married a pathological liar.

2.  “What time is the Super Bowl?”  It started at 6:30 PM Eastern and ran longer than usual.  The Chiefs beat the Niners 25-22 in overtime.

3.  “When will AT&T service be restored?”  It went down on the 22nd and lasted almost 12 hours for some people.  Then there was more outrage when AT&T said they’d only be giving customers $5 for the trouble.

4.  “Where Is Kate Middleton?”  She’s been recovering from abdominal surgery.  Rumors swirled there might be more to the story, like maybe she was MISSING.  But they got put to bed on Monday when she was spotted driving with her mom.

5.  “Why is gas going up?”  The national average rose 21 cents last month, up to $3.31 a gallon.  But that’s not too crazy this time of year.

It’s a supply-and-demand thing as we start getting into spring break season.  Then prices rise even more as gas stations switch over to a higher-grade “summer blend” that costs more to make.

(Google Trends)