The Top Things We Don’t Miss About High School

With kids graduating this month, it’s natural to feel a little nostalgic about your own high school days.

But instead, someone asked people to name things they DON’T miss about high school.  Here are the top ten . . .

1.  Needing permission to use the bathroom.  If your teacher wouldn’t give you a hall pass, you couldn’t go.

2.  Bullies and mean cliques.

3.  All the homework.

4.  Group projects where everyone got the same grade, even if you did most of the work.

5.  Early mornings.  Like if your school started at 8:00 AM, and they expected you to be using your brain that early.

6.  Feeling judged for everything you wore.

7.  When “friends” were suddenly mean to you for no apparent reason.

8.  Having to get up and speak in front of the whole class.

9.  Going through puberty.

10.  The constant threat of gossip.

Here are a few more that made the top 25:  Having to do math every day . . . taking standardized tests . . . not being welcomed at certain lunch tables . . . having to do book reports . . . and the pressure of finding a prom date.