The Top Things Houseguests Immediately Notice When They Arrive

Do you do a deep clean before you have guests over, because you’re worried they’ll JUDGE you for being a slob?  Turns out they probably won’t even notice.

Someone asked experts to name the top things guests notice when they visit someone’s home.  And how thoroughly you cleaned isn’t one of them.  Tidy up a bit, but don’t worry about scrubbing those baseboards.

Here are the Top 10 things guests DO immediately notice when they arrive . . .

1.  The scent.  That includes good and BAD smells.

2.  The lighting.  Is it warm and inviting?  Or is it too dim, or too harsh?

3.  The clutter.  They won’t notice you didn’t mop.  But they will notice the random stuff scattered everywhere.

4.  A dirty kitchen or bathroom.  They’re the two spots where it might make a difference to deep clean.  Just at least wipe them down.

5.  Houseplants.  If you don’t have any, no big deal.  But they’re something we tend to notice immediately if you DO have them.

6.  The entryway.  It’s the very first thing they see.  So if you want to impress people, make it nice.  Maybe replace the fixtures.  Or again, add a plant.

7.  The furniture.  Is it interesting and classy, or is your old sofa sunken and full of claw marks from your cat?

8.  Empty walls.  They stick out like a sore thumb.  Add some art.

9.  Music.  You don’t need to have music playing 24/7 in case someone pops in.  But it’s nice when you’re throwing a party, or having people for dinner.

10.  The temperature.  Especially if it’s WAY too hot or too cold.  Don’t skimp on the heat if you’re hosting in winter.  And think about running the A/C before any guests show up this summer.