The Top Ten TV-Related Arguments Couples Have

Who gets to command the remote is a classic relationship struggle.  But Roku polled couples to find the top TV-related arguments we have.  And fighting over what show to watch is NOT #1.

One in five people said they get frustrated by their partner’s TV habits on a daily basis.  Here are the top ten things we fight over . . .

1.  The volume.  When one person thinks it’s too loud, or too quiet.

2.  Deciding what to watch.  You want to watch something, but they don’t.

3.  Asking too many questions about the plot.

4.  They keep talking while you’re trying to pay attention.

5.  Spending too much time choosing what to watch.

6.  They fall asleep while you’re watching something together.  It’s annoying because of this next one . . .

7.  Having to re-watch something your partner missed.  Either because they fell asleep or left the room.

8.  They’re not paying attention, because they’re on their phone or computer.

9.  Hogging the remote.

10.  Losing or misplacing the remote.

Another good one just missed the top ten:  When you usually watch a show together, but they watch a new episode WITHOUT you.  (!!!)

Final stat:  Only 10% of people feel like their TV is too small these days . . . 5% actually feel like theirs is a little too big.

(Study Finds)