The Top Ten Signs You’re Still a Kid at Heart

Would you say you’re still a “kid at heart”?

A new poll asked people if they consider themselves a, quote, “KIDULT” . . . meaning someone who’s still into the same stuff they loved as a child.  59% said yes, on some level they are.

Over half said they often buy themselves the stuff their parents wouldn’t.  The top three things like that we buy are video games, clothes, and junk food.

A lot of us also still have some of our old toys sitting around, or on display.  The top things we’ve kept include collectibles, stuffed animals, and dolls.

The survey also had people rank the top signs you’re still a kid at heart.  Here are the Top 10 . . .

1.  You re-watch a lot of old movies or shows from your childhood.

2.  You still watch cartoons.

3.  You’re frequently nostalgic for old toys or products from when you were a kid.

4.  You quote movies and shows from when you were young.

5.  You’ve found yourself googling old toys or products from your youth.

6.  You still wear clothes that would have been in style back then, or t-shirts with nostalgic references.

7.  You still have your old video games.

8.  You display at least one childhood toy in your home or office.

9.  You’d rather stay in and play board games than go out to eat, or hit a bar.

10.  You’ve bought your kids at least one toy you had as a child.