The Top Six Signs You’re Bad in Bed

Would you say you’re good in bed, or kind of a dud?  If you’re not sure, someone asked a sex therapist to name the top signs you’re NOT good in bed.  Here they are . . .

1.  You’re not confident.  That includes confidence in your skills, and in your body.  Things like insisting the lights are off might put a damper on things.

2.  Your partner doesn’t seem that into it.  Pretty obvious.  If they’re not enjoying it, you might not be the Casanova you think you are.

3.  You’re easily distracted.  It’s really about “losing yourself” in it, and not even thinking about your next move.  As if you’re, quote, “dancing together.”

4.  You’re embarrassed to talk about it.  Again, it shows a lack of confidence.  Communication about what you both want is key.

5.  You never change your routine.  That one’s common in long-term relationships.  Maybe you USED to be good in bed . . . and you could be again . . . but not if you don’t mix things up.

6.  You’re constantly worried about “performing.”  Performance issues affect up to 25% of men, and 16% of women.  And this might seem counterintuitive, but try taking pressure off yourself by focusing on your OWN enjoyment.  Not just theirs.

(Or, maybe just go buy some of those blue pills.)

(NY Post)