The Top Perks That Could Get Us to Work in an Office Again

Companies are still trying to get people back to the office, while everyone working from home is like, “Nah, I’m good.”  So what could they do to make us WANT to come back?

Someone polled 2,000 workers.  Here are the top eight things that they said MIGHT get them to stop working from home . . .

1.  Free drinks.  The poll found our favorite things to drink at work are coffee, water, iced coffee, tea, juice, and flavored water.  (You might get a few people back if you start offering free BEER too.)

2.  Breaks are required.  No more eating at your desk while you keep working.  You HAVE to take a break.

3.  Free food.  Lunch is a lot cheaper when you work from home.

4.  An on-site gym with free memberships.

5.  An office lounge where people can hang out and socialize.

6.  Let people bring pets to work.

7.  Let people bring their kids to work.  An on-site daycare might be needed.

8.  On-site games.  Like video games and pool tables.