The Top Five Mistakes That Could Get You Hacked

Hackers are so common now, companies have to hire legit ones to test their system and make sure it’s not vulnerable.  So somebody asked one of those “legal hackers” to name the top five mistakes that can get you hacked . . .

1.  Out-of-date software.  A lot of those updates include security fixes.  You’re much more vulnerable if you haven’t updated your O.S. in a while.

2.  Reusing passwords.  We hear it a lot because it’s true.  Once someone hacks into a site and gets your password, it ends up on the dark web.  Then other hackers will try it everywhere.

3.  Oversharing on social media.  With enough info . . . like your mom’s maiden name . . . they can even convince your phone company to switch your number to a new phone.  If that happens, they can access basically everything.

4.  Using unsecured WiFi.  It’s a lot easier to eavesdrop and steal info when you’re browsing the internet at places like Starbucks.

5.  Clicking on suspicious links.  You’ve seen them in spam emails and iffy text messages.  Clicking them can open you up to phishing attacks.  So be extra careful to make sure all links are legit before clicking on them.

(Daily Mail)