The Top Driving Distractions Include Phones, Passengers, and the Radio

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month.  So an insurance company polled people to find the top driving distractions.  Somehow, phones did NOT rank first, but they did make the list.  Here are the top five . . .

1.  Stuff happening outside your car.  So, everything from billboards and other drivers, to “rubbernecking” when you see a wreck.  39% said stuff outside of their car causes the most distractions.

2.  Passengers in your car, 18% of the vote.  That includes talking to the person next to you, or dealing with your kids in the back seat.

3.  Cell phones, 18%.  The top reasons we reach for them while driving are to use the GPS, answer or receive calls, and check texts.

4.  Eating or drinking, also 18%.  So make sure you keep your eyes on the road when you’re having a burger.

5.  The RADIO, 6% of the vote.  Either because you’re rocking out too hard to music, or changing stations.  So just lock us in, and don’t touch that dial.

(Erie Insurance)